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24Solutions offers a large variety of turnkey services in the power generation sectors. We are specialist in power generation systems for both AC & DC based applications. 24Solutions has built a reputable name in the industry known for our professional repairs, reporting, well equipped facilities, certified and experienced personnel. We pride ourselves in our name, always providing the best service possible to improve turnaround times, decrease come backs and increase efficiencies.


We are partnered with worldwide top rated products to ensure that our customers enjoy precise engineered solutions, enabling us to run leading industry solutions.


We are a MEP/energy contractor, Architect, Engineer and Construction firm with a strategic multitude of in-house, energy, financial and project-related skills including:

  • Engineering design & project management,

  • Energy auditing & building commissioning,

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM),

  • Construction & prime contractor experience,

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell generation and battery storage,

  • Data collection & analysis,

  • Power sales and purchasing and

  • Fuel supply


24Solutions delivers services in the following technical disciplines

  • Audit/ Due Diligence

  • Fuel Cells Management

  • Generators Management

  • Fuel Management

  • PTP & PTMP​

  • Raptor, Germs, Deepsea, Lovato, Cummins, and Other Control Systems

  • Earth & Surge/ Lightning Protection

  • Electrical AC

  • Electrical DC (Rectifier, Battery, UPS (APC, Rotary/ Static)

  • Transformers

  • HT Switchgear

  • Fire & Access

  • HVAC (All Commercial & All Industrial)

  • Fuel - Refuel, Bulk Fuel Tanks, Fuel Filtration

  • Security Enhancements – Battery vaults


Renewable Power Solutions 


Service Level Agreements 


Mobile back-up power 

Fuel Cells

CHEM appointed 24Solutions as a service provider and sales representative for SADC region.24Solutions holds proven track records in supplying fuel cell operations such as services, maintenance, and refueling for mobile operators and other telco's. We have specialised teams and certified staff able to support CHEM's fuel cell technology. 

•Refueling of fuel cells nationally with strategically distributed fuel depots and fit for purpose vehicles

•Maintenance schedules with service level agreements 

•Polishing of Hydroplus fuel for fuel cells

• High-level repairs of fuel cells 

•Component level upgrades to fuel cells

•Turnkey installations

•Remote monitoring services 24/7

BTS Site Maintenance

24Solutions provides SLA services for preventive, corrective, and breakdown maintenance on electrical and mechanical equipment and its infrastructure at BTS Cell Sites. Our services include turnkey support to BTS Cell sites using our certified and experienced field force teams for site investigations, repairs, and maintenance.  24Solutions offers our clients precision planning and 24/7 tracking using our helpdesk, for monitoring, dispatch management, spares, and warehousing and project management services.

Generator Management

24Solutions is fully equipped with qualified and experienced mechanical artisans and workshops countrywide to service and repair a wide range of diesel generators. Our engineering capabilities enable us to repair diesel engines right down to engine sub-assembly. 

Our field force is equipped for onsite repairs even in the roughest terrains. 

  • High-level generator repairs

  • Maintenance and servicing

  • Installations and dimensioning 

  • Monitoring 


New Security Solutions for mobile operators


Electrical builds and maintenance 


Turnkey RF & Fibre Services 

BTS Site Security

Using our experience in the industry from BTS Cell site vandalism, 24Solutions has designed new robust security solutions to actively combat the theft of BTS site batteries, our solutions are tried and tested in the South African market.

  • Robust Battery Vaults

  • Smoke screen solutions

  • Active monitoring 

  • Active guarding 

  • Copper cable theft protection systems

24Solutions also provides security monitoring services using our 24/7 helpdesk.

Electrical Builds

24Solutions is a DOL registered company with qualified red-seal electricians ready to services our customers. 

  • Electrical maintenance and installations for AC and DC 

  • Custom designs and builds

  • Lightning & Surge protection 

  • Solar and Inverter backup systems

  • Backup storage solutions 

Telecommunication Services

24Solutions is an experienced and qualified services provider geared with field teams to perform telecommunication services for our customers.

  • RF installations and maintenance

  • RF roll-outs and upgrades

  • Microwave installations and maintenance 

  • RF planning 

  • Fibre Planning and Surveys 

  • Fibre Installations 

  • Fibre Maintenance 

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